The Society for Promoting Gigantic Arts (S.P.A.G.)

The Society for Promoting Gigantic Arts (S.P.A.G.) is a non-profit organization committed to supporting and promoting creators of all disciplines. It owns Bain Mathieu, a facility known for its versatile spaces in the Ville-Marie borough. Founded in 1996 by artist and entrepreneur René Jacques, S.P.A.G. has its roots in the creation of the children's festival in Montreal's Maisonneuve Park. Four years after its foundation, the festival became one of Montreal's largest, attracting 420,000 people.

A decisive step in the history of S.P.A.G. was its contribution to the renovation of Bain Mathieu, which was then in peril, threatening its very survival. The organization set out to restore this building to its former glory while converting it into a versatile space dedicated to artistic creation and cultural dissemination. Today, Bain Mathieu surpasses its initial role as a creative space to become a true cultural dissemination center open to the entire artistic community.

As a catalyst for artistic talent, S.P.A.G. promotes the conception and realization of concrete projects, thus playing a driving role in a diversified and inclusive artistic development that reaches multiple communities within the metropolis. Thanks to its commitment, Bain Mathieu avoided potential demolition to become a heritage element of the Ville-Marie borough. Consequently, S.P.A.G. succeeded in infusing new cultural life into this building while contributing to the development of the working-class neighborhood of the 1930s.

Formerly a public swimming pool, Bain Mathieu underwent a profound transformation in 1998 thanks to the initiative of the Society for Promoting Gigantic Arts. Today, it is entirely dedicated to the creation, production, and promotion of the arts, playing a central role in the development of Montreal's artistic scene, particularly in the heart of the Faubourgs Cultural District. With its versatile spaces, Bain Mathieu provides a backdrop for a diverse range of artistic expressions and performances that reach all cultural communities.

Renowned for its ability to host the creation and production of events, Bain Mathieu attracts artists from all backgrounds due to its great adaptability. In addition to its unique 1930s ambiance, it stands out for its flexibility and state-of-the-art technologies, allowing it to meet the specific needs of each event.

In 2016, an additional room was inaugurated within the facilities of Bain Mathieu. This event space aims to stimulate the creativity of Montreal artists by emphasizing emerging music and arts, while promoting conviviality and offering a diverse cultural program. Located in the basement, this room meets the needs of the underground scene by providing modern technical equipment, thus reflecting the city's cultural diversity and new artistic trends.

By booking rooms at Bain Mathieu, you actively participate in fulfilling its primary mission, which is to provide spaces for all artists eager to express their creativity and propel them towards artistic independence.