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Le Bain Mathieu

An old public bath that was erected in 1930, Bain Mathieu was abandoned in 1990 for a period of 10 years, it was then intrusted to SPAG(Société pour Promouvoir les Arts Gigantesques) that would renovate and transform it into a multifunctional reception hall.

A patrimonial building of the south-central borough, Bain Mathieu distinguishes itself out of all the reception halls in Montreal with it`s original pool still intact with original tiling and it`s capacity to adapt to any types of events.

Discover a personalized location where physical and technological elements meet to make all your events a pure success!

La Cache

We have a second hall that was inaugurated in 2016, located in the Bain Mathieu building, this new hall is a creation platform for Montreal artists. This hall is great for newly emerging music and arts. A friendly place with a deversified cultural programming.

La Cache wishes to offer a place that answers all the needs of the undergound scene with its complete technical infrastrcture. A location that allows for all types of shows (theatre perfromances, music shows, wine varnishings, art galleries), all while favoring artistic diversity.

*For reservations or information, please contact Noémie Nieto, event director.